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M1842 .71cal Austrian Carbine
Item #: FDR21-043
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M1842 Austrian Carbine in untouched condition. This particular carbine, also known as the 'Kammer-Karabiner', features a .71cal barrel with twelve lands and grooves. The carbine remains in untouched condition with a very old repair at the wrist. The metal has a nice gun metal gray tone throughout with minimal to no pitting. Although this particular piece has been drilled for a ramrod, there is not one present and often were carried separately from the weapon.

The lock plate has the typical eagle at the heel of the lock-plate with remnants of two numerals representing the year of manufacture. The action works well. It still retains the rings on the side bar.

The stock, with the raised cheek, has the typical dings and mars noted throughout the piece. There are no markings noted other than a 'cross' on the right side of the wrist. As noted, these were known to have been utilized by some of Freemont's cavalry in Missouri and there is 1 known image of two cavalrymen carrying these weapons.

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