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Original .577 Enfield Musket w/ 1862 Dated Lockplate
Item #: FDR18-082
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Here is a really nice looking .577 cal Enfield Musket with an 1862 dated lockplate. The full length barrel is in over all good condition with a nice gun metal gray tone throughout .There is no pitting on the iron anywhere on the gun. The middle and front barrel band do show signs of pitting. The action works great and is tight. The 'Crown' and '1862 / Tower' stamps are vivid and easily seen. The iron on the gun matches throughout.

The stock is in good condition and shows no signs of repair or noted alterations. It has a nice dark tone which contrasts nicely with the iron parts of the gun. The brass trigger guard may have been cleaned at one time but is aging nicely. There are no other stamps or markings noted other than the *25* *25* on the barrel noting the .577 caliber. It has a correct full length ramrod. The last barrel band screw is a replacement and is noted for accuracy. This is a really pretty gun!

Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
 $1,550.00 USD

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