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Federal Cavalry Shell Jacket
Item #: FDR16-143
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Here is a wonderful looking cavalry shell jacket. The dark blue wool shows no evidence of any mothing and the stitching remains solid throughout. The yellow piping which indicates the branch of cavalry service, is in great condition and remains solidly stitched throughout. The buttons are standard service shield buttons and are all original. It appears that a few of them have been reinforced or re-attached, but otherwise is not noticeable unless you really look for it.

The lining of light muslin is present and when you look inside the sleeve you can see the 'Size 2' and the stamp of 'Joseph Lee' of New York. It also has an inside pocket. This is just a handsome looking jacket.

Joseph Lee is listed as having large contracts for uniforms throughout the war. He is listed as having "5,000 Arty; 20,000 Cav & 2000 Cav Musician jackets" 1861-1863.


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