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.54cal Austrian Lorenz Rifle
Item #: FDR19-154
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Nice looking .54cal Austrian Lorenz Rifle. The iron has light pitting noted evenly throughout. It retains the fixed sites on the barrel. Original ramrod - correct style - present. One of the barrel bands and the tang of the trigger guard appears to have been nickled at one time and is only present on these two parts. All other hardware has a nice dark attic patina noted throughout.

The hammer responds to the hammer and functions nicely. Has all correct markings including '857' on the lockplate indicating it date of manufacture - 1857. The unique beech-wood stock is in good condition and shows no signs of repairs or damage. My gut tells my with the added sling ring chain on the trigger guard and with the condition of the nipple - this may have been an early re-enactor's rifle. There is still significant rifling present.

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