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M1860 Colt Army Revolver - 1861 Production Date
Item #: FDR18-084
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A desirable early production M1860 Colt Army revolver in good condition. The serial number is in the 22,XXX range which puts it in an 1861 production date. The iron has a plum brown patina throughout and shows some pitting down the barrel and on the cylinder (as can be seen in the pics). On the top of the barrel you can see the Colt Address stamp and the early 'New York US America' stamp. You can also see the 'Colts Patent' stamp on the side of the frame. The wedge is a period replacement.

The action works perfectly and is tight. The grips show good wear and I do not see an inspector's mark or a memory of one. This is a nice early 'four screw' Colt Army that most definitely saw service during the war.

Shipping Weight: 4 lbs
 $1,495.00 USD

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