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Cap Box -

Attic Fresh Confederate Cap Box
Item #: FDR16-035
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Here is a Confederate cap box in attic find condition. The leather is somewhat rigid and crazed though you can lift the outer flap. The flap latch has a single row of stitching. The lead finial is in place. On the reverse you can see where there were two belt loops present but the stitching succumb to time. It is a little warped as you can see.

There are two things that I think are cool about this piece. The first are the ears on the outer flap. You can see that they are not the same width, one being thicker than the other, an example of just getting it done with little attention to detail. The second is that one the outer flap, through the crazing, you can see initials scratched into the leather. I cannot make them out, but it would be a great research project for someone.


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