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Heart Carved from Wood - Appomattox
Item #: FDR16-002
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Here is a unique relic from one of the most significant and yet fabled story of the American Civil War. A small wooden hear that measures 1inch wide x 1.20inch tall. On the hear, written in pencil, is (best I can see): "A piece of wood taken from the Apple tree which Gen'l Lee surrendered to Gen'l Grant April 9th 1865". The reverse has also written "A present from friend W E B".

It comes with an envelope that has been repaired and reinforced from the inside. It has a post date stamp of Oct 1868 and is addressed to Joseph Hay & Co New Orleans, La.

It was rumored that Grant and Lee met and signed the surrender under an apple tree that was on the McClean property. Once the surrender was over, souvenir hunters immediately started chopping pieces and complete trees down in an attempt to have a piece of history. Once the trees were gone, they would go as far as digging up the roots of the trees, to where there was absolutely nothing left!!

It was such a wide spread story that Grant himself even made mention of it in his memoirs. Stating, "Before stating what took place between General Lee and myself, I will give all there is of the story of the famous apple tree. Wars produce many stories of fiction, some of which are told until they are believed to be true. The war of the rebellion was no exception to this rule, and the story of the apple tree is one of those fictions based on a slight foundation of fact."


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