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Cartridge Box -

Nice Union Officers Belt Rig
Item #: FDR15-023
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Here is a nice officers belt rig complete with a M1851 Eagle Belt plate, pistol cartridge box, hangers, and holster. The leather is supple and pliable throughout with crazing noted. It appears that leather treatment was put on years ago, but has not damaged or affected the stitching which remains intact. The belt plate is a civil war era eagle cast brass plate complete with keeper. the tongue is chipped on the very tip, but still attaches to the keeper nicely.

The pistol cartridge box is in terrific condition with a crisp makers mark of "W Kinsey & Co / Newark N.J.". The brass finial is present and the outer flap latch is present. Belt loops are also there with the entire box being in great condition. The belt also retains its hangers and swivel snaps.

The holster is in good condition as well and its construction is that of stitching only. The outer flap just folds over and the loops on the back are cut out of the body of the holster. The stitching on this piece is solid throughout. I do not know for sure if this particular piece is civil war era or a little later. It measures 9-inches from the fold of the flap to the tip of the holster and measures 5 inches at its wides point.


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