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Nice 1809 Potsdam Musket
Item #: FDR13-054
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Here is a nice looking Prussian M1809 Potsdam musket in overall good condition. The metal has a nice gun metal gray tone throughout with virtually no pitting at all. All markings are crisp including the part numbers and lock plate. The brass has a nice mellow tone which contrasts nicely with the beechwood stock. There is no significant damage or repairs noted anywhere on the gun outside the normal dings and mars.

The lock plate is marked crown / Potsdam / gf. What makes this one cool is that all of the assembly numbers match including the ramrod which almost never happens. The action is tight and the hammer works in all positions. The breech of the barrel is marked with the date 1839. Wonderful example of this weapon. Nearly 165,000 Prussian arms were imported into the US for use during the civil war and were marked 3rd class weapons.


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