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Civil War Longarms -

.69cal Rifled-Musket w/ Maynard Priming Conversion by Remington
Item #: FDR15-086
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Here is one of the most unique, yet most recognizable, conversion muskets of the civil war. This .69cal rifled-musket has the Maynard type priming system which works very similarly to a kids roll cap gun. Remington completed approximately 20,000 of these conversion for the Frankford Arsenal with approximately 2000 going to the state of New Jersey, which this is one of.

The iron is smooth throughout with a gun metal gray tone throughout. The front bayonet lug is missing as is the rear long-range sight which would have been added during the conversion. The lock plate is marked 'Remington's / Ilion N.Y. / 1857 / U.S.' behind the hammer. The hinged door covers the housing for the priming system which works perfectly. The hammer pulls back to half and full cock and does respond to the trigger. The barrel tang is also marked the same as the lock plate with the date of '1857' and has the 'N.J.' stamp on the left side of the breach. It retains the ramrod and the bore still retains good rifling.

The stock is in overall good condition with no repairs or major cracks noted. There are normal dings and mars noted throughout, but nothing more than what is expected on a gun this age. On the flat opposite of the lock plate is an inspector's cartouche along with a stamped 'LS' on the butt stock. This gun is also has a cartouche on the top of the butt stock as well.

This is a great looking weapon that would look great in most collections.


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