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Belgian Manufactured Piedmontese M1844/60 Rifled Musket
Item #: FDR15-087
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Here is a nice Piedmontese M1844/60 Rifled Musket manufactured by the firm August Francotte & Co. The iron exhibits minor pitting throughout and worsens towards the breech indicative of significant use, as does the stock wear just behind the hammer (see pics). The barrel shows a couple places where something has struck it, but it has toned the same color as the barrel and thus I believe it to be old. The lockplate and butt plate match the rest of the gun. As mentioned the "Crown / AF" mark can be found on the lockplate and throughout various parts.

The hammer pulls back and does respond to the trigger. The stock has a wonderful grain pattern and shows the typical dings and mars associated with a gun of this age. There are no active cracks or repairs noted. There are initials carved into the fore-stock 'backwards JPP' the butt stock is also marked 'DB'. You can clearly see the circular stamp of 'A. Francotte-Liege'. The ramrod is present and is cupped. The bore shows considerable use with minimal rifling noted.


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