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Austrian M1849 Long Rifle 'Garibaldi Rifle'
Item #: FDR15-094
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Here is a nice looking Austrian M1849 Long Rifle or known by many as Garibaldi Rifles due to their use in Italy. The iron is smooth throughout with a nice gun metal dark tone throughout. The front and rear sight are present as is the bayonet locking lug. The unique half octagon - massive .71cal barrel has excellent rifling noted. Underneath you can see it retains the original ramrod.

The lock plate has 854 in front of the hammer indicating it was manufactured in 1854. The action works perfectly and the hammer does respond to the trigger. There are assembly marks stamped on all major parts. The beech wood stock has a nice pleasing look to it with rich grain texture, just as you see on some Austrian Lorenz rifles. This gun is missing the middle sling ring but retains everything else. On the left side of the butt stock is the cheek rest often associated with Austrian weapons. On the opposite side, there are three initials carved 'APP'.

These weapons are just fine looking and often are overlooked by many civil war gun enthusiasts. However, there has been a sudden surge in appreciation for 3rd and 4th class European weapons mainly due to their prices compared to their better known counterparts and the research that is now coming forth on their use. The Garibaldi in particular did see service in the US and approximately 26,000 saw service and possibly more since many of these obsolete European weapons were either poorly or misidentified due to the complexity of weapons being sent in from Europe.


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