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Brazilian Light Minie Rifle
Item #: FDR15-091
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Here is an example of the Brazilian Light Minié Rifle, manufactured by the O.P. Drissen company of Li├Ęge. This particular weapon was a unique combination of the features found on the British Pattern 1856/58/60 series of Enfield short rifles and the French Light Minié rifle. The overall condition of the gun is good.

The iron is smooth throughout with a dark tone noted. The bore still shows some good rifling and is for the most part clean with very minor surface pitting noted. The rear and front sights are present as is the bayonet lug on the front right (about 1.5inches is broken off as seen in the images) but will still secure a bayonet. The D.Anchor.C is present on all metal parts including the ramrod, barrel bands, lock plate, hammer, trigger guard, butt plate. The mark is also present on the butt stock.

As you can see the lock plate fits firmly up against the bolster. The hammer pulls back and responds to the trigger, action is crisp. The brass shield that sits behind the barrel tang is missing. As you can see, the wood stock is in good condition overall with no repairs or cracks noted. Just the normal wear that is seen on a musket of this age. This is a solid example of a weapon that would see service often in the Western theater of the war.


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