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Allegheny Valley Railroad Pittsburg Document dated 1861
Item #: FDR15-054
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A very unique Railroad Stock document dated June 1, 1861 for 1391 shares to a Samuel H. Carpenter of Philadelphia . The Allegheny Valley Rail Road Company states that Mr. Carpenter "is entitled to thirteen hundred, ninety one shares in the Capital Stock of the Allegheny Valley Rail Road Company on which fifty dollars per share have been paid transferable on the books of the company upon surrender of this certificate". At the bottom of the certificate is a signature of Mr. Carpenter turning over two hundred and ninety one shares to a Henry Earle of Philadelphia on April 26, 1864. Document has some rough edges yet the content of the paper is intact. A couple of the areas have worn through where the ink bled more than it should have, but these spots are very small and are mostly on the "1's" of the "1391's".

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