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Mexican War - Civil War era Pommel Holsters
Item #: FDR15-060
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Here is a pair of original pommel holsters that may have seen use from the Mexican war up through the civil war. This set has been repaired and restored for display purposes and they do display very nicely. Both bodies of the holsters are original including the brass caps, you can see however where the cartridge holders are not present. The small straps are also original.

The strap where the holsters hang over the saddle has long been separated and thus a piece of leather has been whipped stitched to secure the two together. The outer flaps are authentically replicated to complete the appearance, but they too are restored. Again, the only reproduction part on this set are the outer flaps and the piece that attaches the two together. See images for visual details. These would look great on your McClellan or Plantation saddle and are easy on the pocket book compared to the $600 - $800 I have gotten in the past for an excellent example that displayed just as good as these.


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