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Rare – Confederate Marked Artillery Carbine
Item #: FDR15-080
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Many times we have had the opportunity to acquire some great historic artifacts and many of them do not make it to the website. Here is one that I am able to write up before its gone. A rare Enfield Artillery Carbine by Barnett in attic condition with significant field use. The stock has had period repairs, most notably near the lockplate and in front of the trigger guard underneath where screws are in place to secure the stock. There are two cracks in the stock, the first running from the front of the lockplate and the other running on either side of the front lockplate screw. These are captured in the images. Otherwise, there are only the normal dings and mars noted throughout. On the top of the butt stock, in front of the butt plate tang, you can see a faint circle, presumably a CH1, especially with the Barnett lockplate. On the bottom of the butt stock you can see where the rear sling ring went.

Due to the condition of the stock, I did not remove the screws, barrel, and lock plate to determine any internal markings. The barrel length is 24 inches and could use a slight cleaning. You can see the bayonet lug on the right side of the barrel which would have taken a saber bayonet designed for the P-56, 58,60,61 rifles. You can also see that it still retains the three rear sight. The front barrel band appears to have been replaced with a typical Confederate style band. The ramrod is original and retains the threads at the end. The lock plate has a strong Barnett mark and the Crown behind the hammer. The action is tight and the hammer does respond to the trigger. This gun is typical of those that saw hard use, but the rarity is unmistakable.


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