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.69caliber French Model 1842 Musket
Item #: FDR15-079
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Here is a really nice looking .69caliber French Model 1842 musket. The iron has a nice light gun metal tone throughout with no pitting noted and is smooth to the touch. There is some minor pitting near the breech. The stock shows little to no damage, just the common dings and wear from use with a short crack running between the lock plate and the breech (see images). The right side of the butt stock has proof and inspector’s marks present.

The lock plate’s action is crisp and responds to the trigger. You can clearly see the Imperial Manufactory stamp indicating being made post 1852. The only negative is the bore which needs cleaned and does show some pitting. However, the aesthetics and condition of this weapon outside is very nice.

Approximately 147,000 French and Belgium muskets were purchased by the Ordnance Department , though due to descriptions in the returns, its hard to determine the exact models. It is believed that a good number M1842’s made up a good number of these weapons.


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