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Dug M1861 Naval Rifle "Plymouth Rifle" Barrel
Item #: FDR12-364
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Here is a cool dug piece for you dug relic collectors. A barrel off what I believe to be a M1861 Naval Rifle by Whitney or better known by some as a Plymouth Rifle. The length of the barrel is 37 inches and it is .69caliber which fits the criteria, but more importantly it has the unique long bayonet lug on the right side. It appears to have been cleaned and coated at one point and although it shows considerable ground action throughout, the iron is stable.

It still retains the front sight, bayonet lug, barrel tang and remnants of the bolster where you can see where the nipple once was. The recovery location is unknown. Great piece. I have included a picture of a non-dug specimen for reference (courtesy


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