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Confederate Bond - Complete 1864
Item #: FDR15-001
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Here is a complete Confederate bond dated February 17th 1864 and appears to be unissued though is numbered '989'. It is a 1000 Dollar Loan and has all 60 coupons affixed to the bottom. The color of the document is good along with the printed and written ink vivid and easily read. It has several folds as can be seen in the images, almost as if though it was pulled out of the attic yesterday. There are some holes near the excessive wear of the folds.

There is also some foxing and discolorations along the edges of the document. I will ship this bond just as I received it, folded to make it easier to ship. This piece has potential and should frame up nicely. It measures 17.5 inches by 27.5 inches overall.


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