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Three Novels by Shelby Foote - Bought from Mr. Foote's Estate Sale
Item #: FDR15-011
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Own a very cool piece of a famous Civil War historian's collection. Mr. Shelby Foote's estate sale took place in March of 2011 and Nikki stood in the rain for 2 hours to get in early to see the treasure trove that Mr. Foote left behind. She came back with some cool items, which included these books that were in Mr. Foote's studio. They were on his bookshelf near his desk, which makes them even more cool. These books sat in his presence on a daily basis! They are not Civil War themed, but are novels that he wrote in the 1950's. The books have a publishing date of 1964 and look as though they have never been opened. Perhaps they were extras that he gave out as gifts to friends. Included with the book is a picture that Nikki took in front of his home that day. Also included will be a COA from Ft. Donelson Relics stating that the book did come out of the Shelby Foote Estate Sale. Book is 250 pgs.

Follow Me Down

A stark novel of a crime of passion. Racy and brooding, lit by flashes of insight and dry wit, it is the account of Luther Eustis who ran off with a pretty girl of eighteen and, after a three-week idyll, brutally killed her.Jo

Jordan County

A novel with Place for its hero and Time for its plot. Its seven narratives lead downward through Time from 1950 to 1797. The characters do not reappear, but the scene itself is constant.

Love In A Dry Season

Set in Bristol, Mississippi, in the "dry season" that started with the Depression and ended with World War II, it describes the subtle disintegration of an intruder who pitted himself against a town.

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