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American Military Belt Plates by Michael J. O'Donnell & J. Duncan Campbell. Out of print book
Item #: FDR15-010
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American Military Belt Plates, which is out of print, is the most complete research on American Military Belt Plates from the Revolutionary War to the just after the Indian Wars of the late 1880s. Also, it is an indispensable resource for recognizing the difference between authentic and fraudulent or fake buckles that inundate the internet sites. There are exquisite and sharp closeup photos on each page.This is a must for serious students or collectors of American Military accouterments.

Book is in excellent condition but was previously owned by a past relic collector. The book doesn't even look like it was used. On the front inside cover was the owner's name, but I have whited it out so that all that is left is "from the library of".


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