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M1840 Officers Cavalry Sword by Clauberg
Item #: FDR12-414
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Here is a M1840 Officers Cavalry Sword by Clauberg / Solingen with scabbard. The blade is in overall good condition with a bright finish. There is some spotting noted, but no pitting and nominal nicks on the edge. The etching on the blade is visible with the floral design and US and the opposite having the spread American Eagle w/ Pluribus Unum still visible.

The ricasso has the arching Clauberg / standing knight / Solingen. The brass guard has mellowed out tone throughout with floral designs cast into the branches and pommel cap. The grip is tight. I have had the grip professionally re-wrapped with ray skin and the appropriate wire for this type of sword. On the Pommel cap there appears to be an etching of two initials in script either RR or RB.

The scabbard is appropriate for a M1840 sword, but I cannot say that it goes with this sword originally. It does fit it nicely however. The throat is missing however it does retain the mounts and rings. Nathan Bedford Forrest carried an officers model of an 1840 cavalry saber.


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