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Cartridge Box -

.58cal Cartridge Box � unmarked
Item #: FDR14-043
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Here is a cool cartridge box which is unmarked either early war, possibly militia, a few said rebel. The leather shows some crazing but remains pliable. It measures approximately 8inches across, the box itself measures 7x 1.5 inches. There are absolutely no markings evident. There is only an outer flap and no inner flap. As you can see there are two cartridge box tins present.

What's cool about this box is that there are no buckles on the bottom for shoulder strap, and there are no belt loops on the back either, only two slits cut for the belt. There are however two shoulder straps supports. It retains the brass finial. The box has the tooling marks on the side and is in overall good condition.

Was: $475.00 - Now: $350.00


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