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11th Ed. Confederate States Paper Money - History, Indentification and Pricing
Item #: FDR13-1015
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The 10th Edition of Confederate States Paper Money covers both Confederate and Southern States issues of the American Civil War (1861 - 1865) and the Reconstruction period
  • Know the value of your notes; prices are listed for six grades.
  • Exclusive photographs
  • Date on uncut sheets, advertising notes, errors, bogus and enigmatical issues.
  • The most complete coverage of Upham and other facsimile notes.
  • Fascinating information about the Confederacy and the individual Southern States.
Fore more than 40 years this catalog has been a primary source of data on Confederate currency.
Hard bound book with 272 B&W/Color pages, edited by George S. Cuhaj. Book is brand new directly from publisher.
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