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Repro Buckles of the Civil War by Howard Crouch - A must have book for the collector!
Item #: FDR13-1012
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Repro Buckles of the Civil War offers the collector never-before-published, comprehensive information on this important subject. Beginning with the early repros of the 1880's through the many Bannerman's plates of the 1900's to the fine versions being produced today, this book shows them actual size, front and back. Also covered are when, how, and by whom these repos were made.
CHAPTER 1 A History of the Real and the Repro Plate
CHAPTER 2 United States Army and Militia Plates and Buckles
CHAPTER 3 Northern State Plates
CHAPTER 4 Confederate Plates and Buckles: General Issue
CHAPTER 5 CS State Plates
CHAPTER 6 The 1960's English Import Plates
Paperback, 144 pages, written by Howard Crouch and is brand new directly from the publisher.

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