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Spencer Carbine I'd to 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry
Item #: FDR-RCB-027
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A Model 1860 Spencer Carbine serial number 50657 identified to William Noble of the 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry. The gun itself shows use throughout, yet is an honest carbine and remains untouched. The iron is brown throughout and has some minor pitting throughout, which is more prominent around the hammer and loading lever. There is no active oxidation noted and all of the parts are original and matching perfectly. The Spencer address has been rubbed away at the breech and the serial number can be seen as well, but has to be carefully scrutinized due to the condition of the iron - however, when the forestock is removed, the serial number is confirmed underneath the barrel. The buttplate and the correct loading tube is present and matches the condition of the iron from the rest of the gun. The rear & front sight is present as is the correct barrel band.
The stock has a nice dark hughe throughout with the normal dings and mars noted. There are no active cracks or repairs noted anywhere on the gun. As from the pictures however, you can see that this gun saw extensive use. The forestock is solid. You can see the buttstock shows dings and mars throughout - there are two faint cartouches behind the sling bar mount. On that same side you can see two initials carved upside down 'W.N.'.
The carbine's action works well and the hammer does respond to the trigger. The block drops like it should - the bore is clean and still has considerable rifling present. This is a solid carbine overall with a lock tight history with a direct hit on the serial number.
I have a whole binder of copies of William Noble's pension records and service cards which outline his service from Vonnie Zullo of the Horse Soldier. The golden ticket is the letter from the Springfield Research Service dated Dec 29th, 1998 stating that the gun was in fact issued to Private William Noble, Company F, 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry. I have also attached an image of the serial number range indicating its issue to the 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry.
Private William Noble was from Cole County, Ohio and enrolled when he was just 22 years old. He joined the 2nd Wisconsin on November 27th, 1863 in Richland, Wisconsin. The 2nd was organized at Milwaukee between December 1861 and March 1862. They would serve in Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, The Gulf States Region and Vicksburg. It states in the pension records that William Noble was shot while in Skirmish line " About eleven miles East of Yazoo City in the state of Mississippi".
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