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Dug Cavalry -

Nice Dug Cavalry Bit - Georgia
Item #: FDR-RCB-46
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Here is a really nice dug US Cavalry bit with the two bit bosses and the curb chain. The bit is in overall good condition with the usual amount of ground action, its really near battlefield pickup condition. The bit is solid overall with only one little area of damage, which may be period, and can be seen in the images. You can see that both lead rings are present, as are the brass 'US' bit bosses. The bit is slightly out of tork, which may explain the damage or why it was discarded, this can only be noticed upon close examination. the curb chain is present, at full length, and can be removed as designed.
There is an old note attached to the bit - "These were dug near Monroe, Ga. In Spring of 1988. Still had mud on them when I traded for them."

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