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I'd Spencer Carbine - 7th Pennsylvannia Cavalry
Item #: FDR-RCB-20
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Here is a really cool Spencer Carbine from the 7th Pennsylvannia Cavalry in overall good condition. The iron is in good condition with a light brown hughe throughout. It is smooth throughout with some light modeling noted. The barrel is full length at 22inches with the front sight, the rear sight is missing. The walnut stock is in good condition and as far as I can tell, has not been messed with. There are the usual dings and mars noted. There is a small hairline crack noted on the bottom of the butt stock, basically running right along with the loading tube, which is not unusual to see on heavily used Spencer.
The side bar & saddle ring are present, as is the barrel band, the rear sling ring. The loading tube is the correct for the model. The action works and the hammer does respond to the trigger. All of the markings are present, the serial number 15036 can be easily seen, the address on the top of the reciever is visible, but is worn. On the left wrist stock is an inspector's cartouche which is visible. You can also see in the images that there is a "E.J." carved into the stock.
This Carbine is identified to Private James Smith of the 7th Pennsylvannia Cavalry and along with this carbine is a letter from Springfield Research Service dated 2005 which confirms this: "Carbine serial no. 15036, pleased be advised that the records of the Army Adjutant General's office show that this arm was used in Company E, 7th Pennsylvannia Volunteer Cavalry, during the Civil War. The records of that company show your carbine was issued to Private James Smith." This makes you wonder why the intials are EJ - may be a nickname or something to the soldier, he was in Company E - but goes to show initials aren't everything.
This carbine also comes with a yellow 7th Pennsylvannia reunion ribbon that is in good condition and meaures about 6.75inches. It is dark yellow and is dated October 6 & 7th 1885 - Watsontown.
This grouping comes with the Carbine, The Reunion Ribbon, COA, The Springfield Research Letter, and copies of his service record.
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